How Does a Coffee Maker Work?

These days, there are few people who are able to get going without a big, steaming cup of coffee. This is why so many people are always in search of the best home coffee machine so they can be sure to get the best cup possible every single time. However, you may be one of those who wonder how in the world a coffee machine works.

The truth is that it’s really not all that complicated. Most coffee machines feature a simple power switch, a heating element, a chamber to hold the water, a warming plate, and a rubber hose to deliver the water to be delivered through the grounds and into a carafe.

You know that when making a pot of coffee the first step is to fill the chamber with cold water. Inside the chamber is a rubber tube that stretches from the bottom to the top- and at the very bottom of the chamber is a hole.

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Upon flipping the switch to turn on the coffee machine, the water will be drawn into the hole at the bottom. The heating element and warming plate begins to heat up. The water travels through a valve into a metal tube, which wraps around the warming pad. This results in the water heating up to boiling. Then, the water travels up the rubber tube and drips through the coffee grounds. There are several sensors on the coffee maker that will cause it to shut off if it happens to get too hot.

Even when you do find the best home coffee machine, you must understand that problems will occur. Make sure that you at least scan over your owner’s manual so that you can know how to troubleshoot your machine if something happens to it.