Call it any name you will, Ejuice is still just that, ejuice

It could just as well be called ice-cream, frozen yogurt or breakfast in bed. Because that’s the eclectic and eccentric side of this flavorful trend which is slowly but surely catching on across the world like the next yo-yo season or latest hash tag. Ejuice, for information’s sake, can also be called electronic fluid or e-liquid. Scientifically or technically, choose your term, it is also known as aerosol. But like the flavor of tobacco-rolled cigarettes, that last definition is as bland as it comes.

So, let’s stick with the ejuice then. The name is perfectly suited. It’s factually correct too because of the orchards of fruity flavors that overwhelmed new smokers must still choose from. They can start with a traditional flavor in the form of cherry. They can go for meaty flavors too if they like. It’s called the breakfast flavor. There’s no oats or bran in this lot, and can you smell the eggs and bacon. Or Macon, if you must.

Ejuice is the liquefied solution utilized in the entire spectrum of vapor products, including electronic cigarettes. You can also get an e-pipe, if you like, if you are that old school. Or want to behave like your grandpa. Is that trendy? What is trendy, nevertheless, is e-smoking. We could have said it’s catching on like a house on fire but the new habit is not hazardous in that sense.  


By necessity, a variety of nicotine strengths have been provided for discerning consumers. Pleasingly for the most health-conscious among smokers, yes, there are those, there are now ejuice solutions that contain no nicotine whatsoever. Time to choose. Consider your habit. Time to pick and choose. It’s yours to make.