Get More Gaming Space with the Best External Hard Drive for Xbox One

Even though some people prefer to use their computers to play games, consoles are still far more popular for playing the latest games being released by various companies. Consoles are more popular because they are easier to use, since you simply need to buy the games you want and you can start playing. With computers, you have to alter settings and install operating systems and do a bunch of other things before you can start playing. So if you have a console, such as the Xbox One, you are probably busy playing all the games you want.

best external hard drive for xbox one

And consoles are great, but they do have some downsides. One of the biggest downsides with the Xbox One is that it comes with a 250 GB or a 500 GB hard drive. It may sound like a lot of space, and a few years ago, having 500 GB in your computer or laptop was considered huge. But file sizes are getting astronomically bigger all the time, especially where games are concerned. Think of a game like Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed or Overwatch. You are looking at a file size of at least 50 GB, if not more.

And when you have a hard drive with no more than 500 GB of space, it means 10 games or less on your console. While that sounds like a lot to the average person, ten games is not a lot at all, especially when we take into account the games people owned from the original Xbox and the Xbox 360. So you are going to need some more space, which is where the best external hard drive for xbox one comes into the picture. These external hard drives can give you anywhere from 500 GB to 1 or 2 TB of hard drive space, and they are so easy to use with the Xbox One.