5 Facts about Palm Readings

Do you want to know what lies ahead in your future? So many share this curiosity, and with palm readings, the answers you crave may be closer than you think. Provided by an expert with the gift of palmistry, these readings offer you a glimpse into life ahead, whether it is good or bad. Here are five more facts about palm readings that you might be interested to know.

1.    Palm Size means Something

Did you know that the size of your palm reveals certain things about you? Those with large palms are generally intelligent, concentrate hard, and have a genuine respect. People with small palms are oftentimes lively and have decision-making powers.

2.    Fakes

Many fake palm readers are out there hoping to make a quick buck off of your intrigue. Many real readers are also out there, however, so it is up to you to decipher the frauds from the real thing and get a real palm reading.

3.    Palm Lines

palm readings

There are lines on the palm of your hands. These lines each represent something and hold special meaning. You might not understand, but a palm reader certainly does.

4.    The Active Palm

Which palm is used for a reading? Most palmistries choose the active hand, or the one that you are using more often than the other. In other words, your reading takes place from the hand that you write with!

5.    Finger Length

Did you know that the length of your fingers also indicate things about you? People with long fingers are usually patient and pay attention to details. People with short fingers are oftentimes impulsive and start new projects frequently.

If you are interested in palmistry, schedule an appointment and get an up close and personal look at this very exciting world.