What equipment do you need to start a restaurant?

The answer to this question depends, of course, on the kind of restaurant, the type of food you intend to prepare, and the local health codes that apply. Checking local health codes is the first and foremost step before you even consider buying equipment.

Ian Boer

Next, consider the type of restaurant you want to open; full menu or cold menu only? That makes a big difference. A full menu restaurant needs much more kitchen equipment than a sandwich shop as Ian Boer can tell you.

Nevertheless, every restaurant needs some basic equipment. Even cold menu places. Exactly what you need depends on what you will serve. Commercial kitchen wholesalers and dealers, such as Ian Boer and others, will help you navigate the treacherous waters of commercial kitchen equipment. It is easy to buy the wrong items and overspend.

Here are some basics:

·    Washing stations – There should be two, one for the food and one for the hands of the food preparers.  Dishwashers are essential for any restaurant other than sandwich shops.

·    Refrigerators and the like – Food needs to be stored before preparation. Refrigerators and freezers do this job. Not every restaurant needs a walk-in freezer. Many can do with free-standing, reach-in freezers or under counter freezers.

·    Prep tables and benches – Food goes there from the fridge to be prepared for cooking. These tables and benches come in many types and styles depending on the type of restaurant.

·    Cooking equipment – Commercial ovens and ranges, frying equipment, microwaves and convection ovens are the mainstays of every commercial kitchen. The menu determines which types of cooking equipment are needed. They are the heart of a commercial kitchen.

·    Safety equipment – State and federal laws through OSHA make safety equipment mandatory. Local fire departments check the number and type of fire extinguishers.