How YouTubers Parody Each Other And Why It’s So Important

YouTube is a community that continues to grow by the day. Way back when it started, it was dedicated almost solely to funny clips of animals. So how did it reach the level of success that it has today? What caused its content to become so diverse? It’s all due to people making fun of old content until new content is made.

Watching h3h3 productions’ video parodying vloggers shows that they are aware of everyone buying drones to film (if you still want a drone to film, you can find it at In the video they acknowledge that it is cool, but they hyperbolize the sometimes ridiculous things that have become commonplace in vlogs. After that video was posted, vloggers made a LOT of changes. This is the way that YouTube grows.

YouTube has a strange way of evolving. A new type of video will be made, it will garner attention and then it will be run into the ground. Using an older example, video game play throughs. When PewDiePie became a sensation and the most subscribed YouTuber on YouTube, thousands of other gaming channels also started. Then of course, dozens of parodies of these channels were made. People made endless jokes at the expense of these gamers and eventually they started to disappear. There are still a few, sure, but far less. Take a look at PewDiePie’s channel now and you’ll see that most of his videos are no longer video game related. Instead, he has become one of the channels that parody other channels.

His brand of humor now piggybacks off the success of channels like FilthyFrankTV and h3h3 productions. Pretty soon, PewDiePie will be making his own purchase to jump on another bandwagon.

But this will also soon become something to mock. YouTube constantly grows due to negative attention, not positive attention. And it works well.